About This Guide

Target Audience
This guide is written for the poor. In particular, this guide is written for the roughly 50 million Americans with incomes ranging 50% above or below the poverty line. The official 2009 poverty level income for a family of four was $22,050 and for an individual it was $10,830.

Secondary Audience
People who are not poor can still benefit from this guide. There is helpful advice about a variety of things such as careers, credit cards and the benefits of giving.

Common Sense Approach
This guide is basically just a bunch of common sense reminders that everybody already knows. However, it is helpful to be reminded of these sorts of things in the context of taking charge of your financial future.

Focus on the Individual
The focus of this guide is on things an individual can control.

The advice offered in this guide may not apply to every situation. Also, I should mention that I have no formal qualifications with regard to providing guidance for people in financial distress. I am just a regular person who felt compelled to create a guide for the poor. I hope it helps you or someone you care about.