Things You Should Avoid

Avoid Unnecessary Fees
Avoid all unnecessary fees such as late fees, overages fees, over the limit fees and check cashing fees. The only time you should get slapped with an unnecessary fee is when you are asleep and having a nightmare. Please stay vigilant and watch out for all unnecessary fees.

Don't Splurge
You will not become rich by buying things you can not afford. Overextending yourself on things like jewelry, clothes, car accessories and fancy meals may make you appear richer and may make you feel richer temporarily, but buying things you can not afford will only make you poorer.

Avoid Bad Odds
Do not waste your money trying to win your way out of poverty with lottery tickets or gambling because the odds are stacked against you with these games of chance. Instead focus on the odds that are heavily in your favor when you work smart, spend wisely and guide your life with a long term vision.

Avoid Vices
Avoid wasting money on tobacco, alcohol and drugs. If these vices are removed, the void they leave behind will eventually be filled with something much better for you and much less expensive.

Stop living paycheck to paycheck
Living paycheck to paycheck is worse than you living exactly at your means because living paycheck to paycheck comes with the added hassle and added expense associated with having to juggle things. Force yourself to get a little ahead. Force yourself to stay ahead. If you can do this your quality of live will improve dramatically.

Don't get held back
Avoid being held back by people who inadvertently may resist your escape from poverty. For example, maybe you have a friend who finds comfort hanging out and doing nothing with you. This friend may care about you and may want you to escape poverty, but they also don't want to lose their comfort zone of feeling OK about hanging out and doing nothing. Watching you escape from poverty may make them feel uncomfortable to the point that they may unwittingly resist your efforts.

Don't Think About the Rich
Do not waste your time thinking about rich people. Don't waste your time thinking you are better than rich people. Do not waste your time thinking rich people are better than you. Don't destroy your happiness wanting things you can't afford. Instead, focus your time and energy on being the best you can be.

Avoid the Victim Mentality
Don't get caught in the victim mentality even if you do happen to be a genuine victim. Blaming other people for your problems will not help you. There are plenty of successful people who have been victims. However, there are few people who achieved success with the victim mentality.