Advice for Your Personal Life

Be Thankful
Appreciating what you have is an important part of escaping the grasp of poverty. There are tremendous psychological benefits to being thankful for what you have. Also, if you are truly thankful for the wealth and opportunity you do have then you will naturally find ways to gain more of it. On the other hand, if you reject what you have and covet what you don't have then you are effectively telling yourself you don't want more of the good things you do have.

Live Below Your Means
Make sure the amount of money you are earning is greater than the amount of money you are spending. Live below your means and use your surplus money to help you help achieve your long term goals. For example, you can use surplus money to invest in something that will help you become more effective at your job. Paying down high interest debt is another great use of surplus money. Invest the fruits of your labor into your future.

Have Exceptional Hygiene
Exceptional personal hygiene will have a positive impact in all areas of your life. Basic hygiene products are very affordable, especially the generic versions. For example, it costs very little for a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, a tongue brush and mouthwash. Your entire body deserves the care you can provide yourself.

Eat Healthy and Affordable Foods
Eating healthy can be affordable and enjoyable. It can also enhance your energy level and attitude. If you look around your grocery store you can usually find specials on various things like meats and vegetables. Large bags of whole wheat rice and beans go a long way even when not on sale. It is possible to eat better than Kings of old for less than a few dollars per day. Take the time to affordably shop for and prepare healthy food.

Establish Good Routines
Don't underestimate the power of certain routines that you do. Routines can be incredibly constructive but they can also be incredibly destructive. Stop bad routines and establish good routines. For example, a routine that saves you $1 per day can really add up over time especially if you use the savings to pay down high interest credit cards. A dollar per day at a typical credit card interest rate of 12.99% would be around $30,000 in 20 years.

Make Your Home Your Sanctuary
Make your home clean, safe, healthy, comfortable and peaceful so you can rest and reenergize yourself. If you live next to noisy train tracks then consider getting some ear plugs for when you sleep. If your bed is uncomfortable then consider getting a foam pad to put on top of your mattress. You will thrive when you make your home (or at the very least, your bedroom) your sanctuary. Consider it a duty to yourself.

Seek Educational Entertainment
Do not rely exclusively on TV for your entertainment and relaxation. Find free alternatives like reading articles online, writing on your blog, reading library books, researching an area of interest on the Internet and participating in online communities. The routine of going online to read, write, learn and interact will open up doors and possibilities.

Use the Internet
Make sure you find an easy and convenient way to access the Internet and know how to use the Internet for things like email, finding information, reading news, interacting on social sites, etc. Many libraries or community centers provide Internet access for free. However, as soon as you can afford it, be sure you invest in a computer and Internet access.

Feed Worthy Desires
Do not underestimate the power of math, reading, writing, speaking, listening, computers and typing. If you have any desire to improve your skills in any one of these areas you need to find a way to feed that desire.